After the fire…

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I don’t think I have to explain what you’re looking at here…
Now, 6 months after the fire this is how the Notre Dame looks like… and I’m afraid this is the view you will have for the coming 20 years…

But there is also good news! I had a drink with Quasimodo in a little bar not far from the Notre Dame, and he told me the city of Paris is paying for a room in a charming little hotel not far from the bar where we met. At least, he will not have to sleep in the streets during the renovation works! 😉

This post is my contribution to the contests of @axeman in the theme “Cityscape Photography”. Thanks man for hosting these contest!

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Notre Dame yesterday, and Notre Burnout today…

I’m afraid this is the view you will have for the coming 20 years… ☹

What do you mean, “20 years” @pixelfan? They have managed to scrap over billion (yes, with a B) euros in 10 days. Are you trying to say that people can be more damaging than the fire itself?

My o my... what a bad host I am... I forgot to give you some !BEER 😉

For once, the money is not the problem (yet) here... Although Macron said the ND would be rebuild in 5 years, now experts are by far more pessimistic. The damage is soo big that they already need years only too clean up, even before starting rebuilding...

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I would love to photograph it and paint it with all the scaffolding... but i'm weird like that ; )

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The price of the tokens rise and fall according to the demand, not the price of steem.
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Sacre bleu! Mon crève coeur!💔

Yes indeed 😥
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