I’m so sorry Mister…

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… but that work has no title. I can see you like it very much but, uh, how can I say this. Well, you see…
OMG, again, I’m so sorry… it will disappoint you, I’m sure. But honestly… I don’t know how to tell you…

Well, the 2 first paintings are from the same artist. The titles are “Glasses 1” and “Glasses 2”
The third one, the one you like so much has no title because, well… it are just curtains 😊

This post is my contribution to the daily contests of @derangedvisions in the theme “Street Photography”. Check out the different themes and rules at @derangedcontests and join the fun!

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Right you are 😉
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Thanks a lot...for him 😉

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Thanks a lot guys! Don't know who initiated this, but it's truly appreciated 👍
On my way to vote for your witness after posting this!

Oups... I already voted earlier. I suppose you don't want me to remove that vote 😉😜

Bang, I did it again... I just resteemed your post!
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Hahahaha! That is hilarious! 😂😁 It takes time for him to realize that the next window is curtain, or he may never realize at all!!!

Nice capture @pixelfan! 😍😍 I love it!

I think he forgot his glasses at home... 😎

great composition

OMG... look who's here! Great to see you again!
How are things going?

So and so, let's not talk about it, it would only make you depressed. But I got one "good" news, I did the crazy thing to open my own YouTube channel just for recordings of my dance, yes I do more than take photos, dancing is for me what breathing is for others and it's just a personal cannel for me to let out steam and do something creative and put my soul on the table for others but especially for my self. I just opened it 2 hours ago and put in the first dance video, it's on my blog page here on Steemit if you want to see one 59-year-old dance like most probably you haven't seen anyone dance before;). It's been my lifeline sins I was a teenager, I just have to dance, dance and dance, and will do so till the end of days.