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… everybody knows where I was last week, at least those who read my posts, 😉 I can post this picture of a pedestrian bridge you can find when walking along the Seine in Paris.

But just to make things clear… the subject here, what got my full attention, is the bridge. It’s not the jogging girls, uh, back. No, seriously, that’s not my style 😉

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Right you are 😉
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You should stop justifying yourself, @pixelfan, nobody will believe you anyway. And BTW, what bridge? 😉

Good question. I really don't understand why I spoke about a bridge... Maybe that nice girl overthere can tell us 😜
You're looking like you urgently need a !BEER Just take your time, drink your 🍺... I'll go talk to the girl 😉

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I scored 100 vote for you and I liked the photo it is just like some vintage sci fi entrance shot

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The way you've captured shadow and light created by the architecture of the bridge is terrific. A great example of the beauty of "Form Follows Function" philosophy.

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I wasn't even aware of that philosophy 😜🙃😜
I hope you already have access to steem-engine because... here's a !BEER

It's the Frank Lloyd Wright philosophy of architecture. It remains a strong creative vision within the industry, and spills over to many other creative endeavors from fashion to writing to art to photography to applying makeup and many other sectors.

Thanks for the beer. You should connect with @johannpiber. He gives out and wants to exchange beer all the time!

Johan & I is already a very old and long story 🙃😜🙃

Frank Lloyd Wright is an historical icon in architecture. You may read about him here:

That's right 👍 thank you, dear @momzillanc - we do know each other already 😉

Hey @momzillanc, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

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Thanks guys!!!