Ok, let me explain…

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…what you see here…
Yes, your first idea was the good one! This is a journalist taking a shot of a UFO trying to abduct a rack full of sausages…

And yes, I was lucky enough to witness that! Lucky me!

What? You don’t believe it’s a UFO? Ok, but it’s definitely a journalist shooting a rack full of sausages!

You’re still not convinced?

Hm, ok, maybe it’s not a journalist but just a photographer with a strange interest for racks full of sausages…

What? Oh, you’re wondering why there is a rack full of sausages in a further empty room…

Isn’t it obvious? It’s contemporary ART you dummy
People are paying to look at things like that… 😊

This post is my contribution to the daily contests of @derangedvisions in the theme “Street Photography”. Check out the different themes and rules at @derangedcontests and join the fun!

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Bang, I did it again... I just resteemed your post!
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Ahahahah. Contemporary Art kills me. 😂

No, no... stay with us... at least, have a last !BEER

Hey @trincowski, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

It would be much less interesting without your expixelafanation, @pixelfan. And yes, any alien race capable of making a star-traveling UFO, if they are really intelligent, would rather abduct a rack full of sausages than some human asshole and then digging through his asshole… :)

hahahaha... love that new word "expixelafanation" 😂
And honestly... I've seen more intelligence in some of these sausages than in many people I meet...
BTW: Do you think those aliens would appreciate !BEER ? Just wondering... 😎

If they are an intelligent race, they would certainly know that there is not much sense abducting a rack full of sausages without abducting a barrel of beer with it, @pixelfan ;)

Stupid me... should have known that. On the other hand... I'm not a sausage...yet 😂
Speaking of barrels... lets open a new one... !BEER

luckily you are away from the sausage stand...I concerned about the photographer... 😂 😂 😂

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