Goldman Sachs announces it will launch Ethereum futures after Bitcoin futures

in crypto •  last year 

Goldman Sachs, one of the most important brands on Wall Street, previously opened Bitcoin futures. After Bitcoin, Goldman Sachs is preparing to open futures in Ethereum in the coming days. Mathew McDermott, head of digital assets at Goldman Sachs, said that they will open different options and futures for Ethereum.


Ethereum continues to attract interest from exchanges, banks and corporate companies before its new update. Previously, Nasdaq and Square had made important decisions regarding Ethereum. Now Goldman Sachs is making important decisions regarding Ethereum.

Despite the volatility in the cryptocurrency market, the world's most important brands are closely interested in Bitcoin and Ethereum. Although it is tried to spread fear and anxiety in the markets with negative news.

Giant companies are already following this market closely, as they know that cryptocurrencies will have an important place in the future. In fact, they are taking important steps to take place in this market.

They also know that many investors are tired of traditional financial instruments and centralized finance. That's why giant companies are moving forward in line with their customers' wishes in order not to lose their customers. Because investors who are bored with traditional finance are switching to decentralized finance.

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