HIVE Incoming - How to Prepare Before Launch

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The Hive blockchain launch will be at 10am EST/14:00 UTC, Friday, March 20th.

So around 9 hours from now.

Exchanges Will Airdrop HIVE

Our 3 main exchanges said they will honor 1:1 exchange of STEEM:HIVE.
Binance, Huobi and Bittrex. All in. Only Bittrex has SBD too.
Others we don't have confirmed so better to keep coins in wallet here.

Binance Doesnt Withdrawal Again

Binance opened withdrawals but there is some bug where they don't count their 0.01 STEEM fee, so you get "rejected: auto withdraw insufficient balance". It used to work today but not right now.

Ionomy Exchange Added HIVE

I have there an account for some days that I heard there will be adding, no documents needed. Never used the place before though but it said it will launch HIVE trading right away so better to get there.

ionomy is proud of the example set by the HIVE community in their uncompromising commitment to independence.
HIVE community fork is scheduled to take place Friday, March 20th, 10:00 A.M. Eastern. The market will open shortly after on the ionomy Exchange.

Check Steem-Engine Tokens

Who knows some may die or lose in value so its good to have those you don't use as STEEM. check if you have money by logging in to with Steem account.
Decide which tokens you want to keep to have for the future or sell now.
Those that you have not much of or want to share with me consider to send me as a support of my work maybe they will add up to 1 cent or 0.01 cent ;)

STEEM Going Up

Now before the HF/split price is going up really nicely. We will see how it goes after and which of the tokens will get better prices.
There are price differences between Binance, Huobi and Bittrex and others but watch out to not be stuck somewhere despite all 3 will do 1:1 HIVE but you may be using others in the mix too which we don't know what will do.

And are you excited for what's coming?

Write in comments about your thoughts!


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Already checked Steem Engine and sold some of my tokens there. I am so ready for Hive 😁

me too man :)

Glad I don't have Steem or SBD stuck at Binance now.
What do you think of Bittrex supporting?

i think they are superb solid (spoke that in first paragraph)

Thanks for the reassurance.

ah dang haven't thought too much about steem-engine tokens I could repurpose for this endeavour..


ah maybe I'll convert something to DEC.. splinterlands seems like it might be around forever!

sure do what you think is good;)

I'm not sure how I feel about it all.. but I should have converted some to steem to get more hive...

I blame my own laziness, to be honest

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Will HIVE withdrawal work in exchanges?

i doubt it will initially

Great to see the exchange support for HIVE.

indeed so get ready!

Hi @kingscrown I had an idea of how we can move our content to hive with SEO in mind, we would need to do a manual step unless someone could create a tool, but think my idea could be a good one and would leave steemit with no original content! please check out my idea at

very interesting

I think so, should have good influence over the SEO for Hive and would be heavily negative for Good thing is that looks like we have a community dev willing to make a tool for people to do this!!!

What we have to expect about our funds on steem? do you suggest to withdrawal?

keep them!

for you

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Do we get Steem if we have SP in Steem wallet itself. Or does it have to be on an exchange only.

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wallet is fully fine, better than exchange even!

That's good, because that is all I have.
Can't wait for tomorrow to see how it all turns out, even though I'm a bit confused by all of it, but excited.

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