lnd v0.10.0-beta just released!

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If you are into Bitcoin doesn't matter if you like its shells or not you need to check how is segwit and lightning doing.
Day after crazy bull run on BTC we got a new beta of land. LND is pretty much as beta as possible, its said to never put a lot of money into channels and running a channel is not simple, yet you can play with some satoshis with it.


You need to be code and server smart so if you are a newbie to crypto do not even try it. Rather use some wallet that can accept lightning using other people channels and nodes ie BlueWallet.


Most interesting things in this release of lnd imho:

  • Multi-Path Payments

MPP allows for larger-sized payments as well as potentially more efficient payment routing. With the release of v0.9-beta, there was a conspicuous absence of the ability to send a multi-path payment. Sending has now been included in lnd v0.10-beta, along with required changes to lnd’s database and the way that lnd keeps track of payments throughout their lifecycles. In order to send using MPP, the max_parts setting should be configured to be greater than the default of one.

  • Partially-Signed Bitcoin Transaction (PSBT)

we’ve added the ability to fund new channels with Partially-Signed Bitcoin Transactions(PSBT). One advantage of this new PSBT support is that Lightning channels can now be funded directly from hardware wallets or any external wallet that understands the PSBT format (Electrum, etc). Another possible usage is for multiple channels to be funded from a single transaction.

Of course there is many more but those i find most interesting.

Whole code: https://github.com/lightningnetwork/lnd/releases/tag/v0.10.0-beta



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