Sports Curation Epitome - 11-October-2019

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These are a daily compilation of sports posts curated by @dfacademy-sports. In this daily compendium, we share content exhibiting what we feel to be an exemplification of brilliant sports posts published by talented Steemians.


Mourinho has settled on a club to train it

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Author: @news-poster

Lyon coach Jose Mourinho has confirmed that Jose Mourinho has refused to coach the French club because he has settled on the team he will lead technically in the coming period.



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Author: @pouchon4sports

Zlatan has played for a lot of teams in Europe.
He is a prolific goal scorer.
Now Zlatan is playing in the US for LA Galaxy.
Zlatan mades headlines for what he says more
than for what he did on the field.


Argentina 2-2 Germany draw in international friendly match

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Author: @parvez22

The international friendly match was held last night in Argentina v Germany. The game was drawn 2-2. Argentina scored two goals later at the last minute. The game takes place in Westfalenstadion Stadium, Germany.


NFL Referees Ruining Pro Football

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Author: @broncnutz

Don’t you just hate it when NFL refs get a call wrong so bad at the end of the game that it ends up costing your favorite team a win? Well that has happened to my Denver Broncos TWICE in the first 5 weeks of the season and helped us off to a slow 1-4 start.



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Well done friend! I love how that you’re curating sports related articles, I love your decentralized sports academy!

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