Your husband's sign still loves you even though he adorns you

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Your husband's sign still loves you even though he adorns you

The woman is easily emotional and makes decisions when emotional so it is not uncommon to ask for a divorce when her partner is caught cheating.

She felt that all the feelings of her husband's love were gone and left to the woman who became his affair. But apparently not, even though he had an affair but still loved his wife, the following characteristics:

  1. Repent
    When he first became a fack boy then he changed because of being discovered by his wife and completely stopped having an affair again.

  2. Doing Everything to Make You Believe Again
    He not only promised but gave proof that he was ready to do anything to make you believe and did not want to lose you. He will show that he will never make a mistake again.

  3. Ask for Help
    He doesn't just ask for help from your parents, siblings or anyone who can mediate so that the marriage is not broken.

  4. Honest Ever Cheating
    No matter how angry you are, he will remain honest and say that he cheated. He was very sorry and really would not repeat his mistakes again.

  5. Not Only Promised But Prove It
    After being betrayed it is impossible to believe again but he is trying to show his sincerity and be committed to the opportunity you are giving.

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