Social Media Can Ruin Marriage.

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Social Media Can Ruin Marriage.

Our digital era is indeed facilitated in many ways, but behind it all has a negative side that can have a negative impact on us. If you can't sort out, something bad will happen and we don't want it to happen.

Living in an era that is very sophisticated indeed makes our lives easier, but behind the benefits provided by this technology is also able to destroy something one of the relationships.

If a husband and wife are not able to sort out social media well, then the marriage will be broken.

  1. Time Is Only Spent On Social Media
    It is not right for a married couple to spend time on social media that is of little use. Miss the opportunity to spend time with your partner and family.

Being busy in cyberspace is not only a waste of time but also makes couples feel ignored. Therefore live in the real world not live in cyberspace.

  1. Make an Angry Couple
    When you upload selfies too much, get lots of comments and likes and you respond well to your partner, which will certainly make your jealous and not rule out your marriage will be destroyed if it does not change.

Especially when indulgence in social media problems will certainly make their partners even more annoyed and it becomes a reason why their marriage does not deserve to be maintained.

  1. Getting Poor Judgment
    When too indulgence in excessive intimacy, the marriage is unhappy and can weaken the relationship.
    Or anything too exposed to social media, everyone will know how your life is. The more you show in cyberspace, the more you show your true self.

So that when you are unable to control bad things on social media, other people will judge you badly.

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