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Liverpool won a dramatic victory over Leicester City. With The penalty of James Milner at injury time, The Reds won 2-1. In the match at Anfield, Saturday 5/10/2019. Liverpool excelled in the first round on Sadio Mane. The advantage was removed James Maddison's goal in the 85 minute before Milner ensured three points through the white point at 95 minutes.

This additional three points retained Liverpool's perfect record in eight Premier League games of the beginning of the season. Liverpool had 24 points at the top of its eight-point standings over Manchester City in the second place, which had just faced Wolverhampton tomorrow. 

The deadlock finally broke out in the 40 minute. Liverpool built an assault from the left side of their defence. Andrew Robertson and Milner played a 1-2 bait before the last name sent a breakthrough bait with his left foot.

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