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President Donald Trump announced that the United States lifted sanctions for Turkey after Ankara agreed to stop its attacks on Kurdish forces in northern Syria.

"Therefore, I have instructed the US Treasury Secretary to lift all sanctions imposed on (Turkey) on October 14 in response to Kurds in the northeastern border region of Syria," say Donald Trump.

Despite having lifted sanctions against Turkey, Trump insisted his country would not hesitate to re-impose an embargo if President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's government failed to fulfill its obligations to protect religious and ethnic minorities in northern Syria such as Kurds.

The lifting of sanctions was announced by Trump after Turkey and Russia agreed to "facilitate the removal" of Kurdish troops, a former US ally while battling ISIS, from areas requested by Ankara. The US will also monitor Turkey which will form a "safety zone" around its border with Turkey with a length of 120 kilometers and a width of 20 kilometers.  Turkey and Russia also plan to conduct joint patrols along the buffer zone.

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