My "Intrepreneur Crypto Investment Diary" - Chapter Two

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This will be my second post of my "Intrepreneur Crypto Investment Diary."

It is an update on my first post entitled "Chapter One."

The reason I am sharing my diary with all of you is so that you can decide if you'd like to invest in the new cryptocurrencies.  They are all currently being sold HERE.

So far I have bought and staked a decent amount of crypto.

The reason I created a diary was to see if it was indeed profitable to invest in a particular cryptocurrency.

Just a little while ago, I decided to 'unstake' 4 different scot cryptocurrencies. The four platforms I am abandoning are as follows:

1.   Triple A Reviews or AAA
2.   SteemZzang or ZZAN
3.   Steem Coin Pan or SCT
4.   Bloque 64 or BLQ

The reason I am leaving these sites is because my upvote value was just quite dinky (at least compared to the other holders of the token).  

Thus, it was not worth visiting the site, reading all the articles, and finally curating the content that I found useful (or entertaining).

Of course there are some sites that I do favor and I am taking the liberty of sharing these websites with you down below.

I arranged them from lowest to highest according to my 100% upvote.

Good luck with your cryptocurrency investments!

Currency Symbol Stake 100% Upvote
Palnet PAL 141 .02  PAL *
Steem Leo LEO 780 .38  LEO
Neoxian NEOXAG 691 .68  NEOXAG *
Steem Ace GG 1350 .82  GG
WeedCash WEED 2122 2.13  WEED
Splintertalk SPT 3133 2.43  SPT
LasseCash LASSECASH 5687 3.4  LASSECASH *
Battle BATTLE 856 4.0  BATTLE
Reggae Steem JAHM 3936 4.86  JAHM
Intrepreneur INT 10,654 8.52  INT *
Media Officials MOT 14030 10.4  MOT *
ActnEarn ACTNEARN 5342 21.9  ACTNEARN *
Marlians MARLIANS 551 32.4  MARLIANS *
Creative Coin CCC 2359 36.8  CCC *
Sports Talk Social SPORTS 94,940 7882  SPORTS

* Indicates Non-niche Specific

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