Venice flooding has city 'on its knees,' Italy to declare state of emergency | Fox News

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Climate change. Apparently the reason behind EVERYTHING. And I’m saying that with an eye roll. They built this city on a lagoon. When I visited Venice in 1999, I had to tour St. Mark’s basilica on scaffolding. There are whole bottom floors of many buildings throughout the city that have been partially or completely under water for hundreds of years. In the scope of history there have been and there always will be aberrations in weather including flooding, like this event. What did the Italians say when Vesuvius erupted burying whole cities and killing thousands? Do you think they said climate change? If anyone could scream climate emergency they would have been justified. And that was almost 2000 years ago (79 AD). Or did they just have an understanding even then, that the earth and atmosphere is dynamic and can be unpredictable and definitely out of human control? Yes let’s be good stewards of earth, but please let’s also cut the lock step drum beating globalist climate emergency drama that is all about elitist power and control.

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