Why I'm going to Steemfest and Why you should too!

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In this video, I would like to share my experience, reason, and thoughts of why I'm going to Steemfest 4 although I have attended Steemfest 3 last year at Krakow, Poland.

There are many reasons why I'm going to Steemfest 4 and why you should be going to a conference that you're going to remember for a lifetime!

Come say Hi to me, we can get tea, coffee or a beer together!

It is less than a month, you can sign up here and see you in Bangkok, Thailand! https://steemfest.com

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Tub Cats are not allowed on planes with their Tubs. Tub Cat therefore, cannot attend this festival of unwashed humans who enjoy Steemy chains.

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Woot!! Woot!!!!

Let's have a blast in Bangkok!