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The thing I have always loved the most about the internet from the very first chatrooms and forums I subscribed too way back in the 1990s right up until the here and now on Steem is the chance to engage with so many people from so many different places with such differing backgrounds.

Thanks to the people I have met online over the years, I have learned so much and travelled to so many places around the world to meet and spend time with the closest of these online friends. Many of these friends I am still in contact with today, all over the world. Some I have met in person, some I haven't yet but no difference. They are still friends just the same as if we lived next door. That's the magic of the internet for me.

The other thing, of course, is that the internet, and especially Sports forums such as this are a great leveller. When we chat and post, it makes no difference what our sexuality, ethnicity, geography or economic background is. We suddenly care about what team you support, who you think will win the 3.30 at Epsom or what the handicap will be for the Yankees v the Broncos (sorry, no idea if they are real teams or not!)

Sport brings people together in a social setting with a common interest and all the other stuff is simply superfluous.

What we all need to do here on Sports talk social is do exactly what it says on the tin. Talk about Sports and be social!. Use the comments, interact, engage, take the piss, disagree, discuss. Anything. There is nowhere near enough of it on here and for this forum to thrive then this needs to change. I am as guilty as anyone on this front so my plan is that from today, I will engage more and comment on many, many more posts that catch my eye.

I don't particularly care what you do with your tokens, everyone's needs are different. Stake, sell, burn makes no difference to me but what does matter is the engagement and anyone who talks to me is appreciated and will receive an upvote, whether I agree or not. It the effort that counts.

SportsTalkSocial - Let's all make a big effort to do exactly what it says on the tin

@nathen07 #lufc #mot


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Awesome words. The engagement we share herebare very crucial and commendable. Steem is surely a platform that celebrates humanity.

You bet! Nicely said

By the way, Kemar Roofe scored his 4th goal for Anderlecht yesterday. I think he will make it there!

I think you do a pretty good job at engaging with others. Admittedly it is hard to engage as much as I would like.

I remember when I first started using chat rooms and message boards and how fun it was to engage with so many others. Although I was younger and had way more time on my hands than I do now. If I had that sort of time I would be much more engaged with others. But as it is now I just do the best that I can!

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