Swifte Drops Out of Twitch Rivals Afer Trick2G Drafts Him

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Switch rivals has been going down and with it comes what I think is a pretty funny story because challenger players swifte after getting drafted on a trick to G's team by trick2g has actually decided to withdraw from the tournament.

which rivals because he does not want to play with one of tricks friends that being horsey horsey is a diamond for ad
carry main and swifte would be supporting him and no longer wants to play with him because he says he
wouldn't have fun.

These tweets are deleted now but thankfully someone grabbed a screenshot of them he says I withdraw please get me out and then he says that on the bottom which is pretty offensive and it looks like he might be taking twitch rivals just a bit too seriously.

Tarzan ended up replying to him in a now-deleted tweet where he says basically something along the lines of hey man it's just twitch rivals it's just for fun it's not a huge deal and swifte replied with I would not have fun therefore I made the right decision.

No one really liked that answer and a bunch of the other streamers that were actually participating in twitch rivals kind of hopped on them and they were like responding to him on social media.

Source and Reference : https://www.esportstalk.com/

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