Continuing Supervision at Radiology Installation of Teungku Chik Ditiro Hospital

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Teungku Chik Ditiro Hospital is one of the hospitals owned by the Pidie Regency Government. This hospital is located in the city of Sigli in the central office district of Pidie Regency. Currently, in accordance with health department regulations, Teungku Chik Ditiro Hospital has type B. With radiology facilities consisting of conventional x-ray examination, Ultrasound examination, Dental Panoramic examination, Computed Tomography Scanning (CT Scanning) examination. And this year, another sophisticated imaging modality will be held, namely Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

*Conventional x-ray examination room*
*Ultrasound examination room*
*Dental Panoramic examination room*
*CT Scanning examination room*

As a radiation protection officer at the Teungku Chik Ditiro hospital radiology installation, I have a very heavy duty. Because when compared to the Pidie Jaya Hospital that I visited yesterday, the radiology installation at the Teungku Chik Ditiro hospital has more imaging modalities. Reports on the results of surveillance on the safety and security of radiation that I do periodically will be submitted to the director of the hospital and to the Nuclear Energy Regulatory Agency in the capital city (Jakarta).

Reporting to the Nuclear Energy Regulatory Agency by inputting all monitoring and inspection data into the application provided on their official website. Later the results of my report will be followed up in accordance with what I report. If there are no incidents in the report, then there will be an appreciation. But if in the report there is an incident or does not comply with radiation safety and security procedures, the Nuclear Energy Regulatory Agency will write to the director of the hospital to comply with radiation safety and security procedures.

*Patients waiting room*

According to my supervision, at the Teungku Chik Ditiro Sigli Hospital, the application of radiation safety and security procedures was in accordance with the procedures. This can be seen from the awareness of every radiation worker to always use personal protective equipment when examining patients. In addition, they also always use radiation monitoring equipment placed on the chest or front of the waist. The function of this radiation monitoring tool is to monitor the amount of radiation received by radiation workers. The results of this monitoring will be recorded periodically, and if there are radiation workers who receive a dose of radiation exceeding the specified limit value, they will be rested from working in the radiation field.

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