3 million Ethereum locked in Defi

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DeFi is decentralized finances, a way of lending and taking loans on Ethereum network in decentralized way.

Right now we got into 3 million ETh locked.

Why people do that? As they make passive income without trading in a pretty secure way. There is whole ebook about passive income from cryptocurrency to download for free too.

While in whole DeFi we have even more and thats what the book touches also

If you want to also check non DeFi but good ones ie run by Gemini Exchange look at best crypto lending and loan offers list where you have plenty ways to make passive cash or get a loan in crypto.

Ethereum Top10 Markets

I have to say i only use LBANK from this list and also not too often. If we look at top10-20 then theres i more that i use ie BitForex. Funny how BiBox is on 31th place and Binance 48.

It is what it is though.


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It is very good for ETH and it will be more expensive then becoz there are many traders hold it. You always provide us a unique post on cryptos..thanks a lot, @kingscrown.
Regards from Indonesia.

A lot of money

true that

Is MAKER DAO the best dApp for DeFi?

Maker DAO is more for creating the most used DeFi tool: DAI
but technically yes....
But other DeFI apps use Dai and give you stuff like exchanges and/or interest acccounts.

Thanks a lot for reply

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