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We know how important it is to do exercise. We get more busy day by day and do not have time to pay attention to our health until we have some health issues. Then we go to the doctor, take their advice and try to do something to stay healthy.

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If we take the initiative to be more active physically, do exercise, eat healthy, probably we do not have to end up in this situation. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, we are very careful. Children used to go to the playground and play with their friends. Now most of the time, they stay at home and doing everything at home.

Do you remember what you did what you were at their age?

Of course, you do. You went outside, spent most of the time playing with others. You forgot to eat. Frankly speaking, playing is more fun than anything. And your mom was running after you so that you eat something.

Now kids are at home and put their heads down to their cell phones. Before covid-19, they used to go outside, have some fun, playing with their friends. Now things change. They are feeling down. This is not good for their mental and physical health.

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You as parents have to take action to bring your kids from this situation. You can spend time playing with your kids in the yard. You can play any sports. You will have a great time with your kids. It will be good not for your kids' health but also for your health. You can do exercise at home with your kids.

Walking outside is always fun. So why don't you go out for a walk with your kids? You can even walk on the rooftop. You can come up with your own idea and be more active. You can have some fun and do more physical activities. It will help you all stay healthy and fit.

So what do you think? Please feel free to leave your comments below. Thank you so much for reading this post. That's it for now.

Stay safe. Always be happy!

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