(Un)Special Things in The Morning

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Sometimes weekends aren't always about specials. We just want to do it all lazy, over time on the bed, and enjoy our own thoughts, then eat breakfast quickly.


But that unspecial thing makes us feel special because we can be ourselves, without complicated things.

So, today I look again at my favorite bookshelf, and pick up the book "The Giver" by LOIS LOWRY.


I want to reread this book again, while enjoying a practical breakfast to eat on the bed.

So I just did a quick preparation with instant breakfast, Muesli which I made into a porridge texture, but not too soft.


I'm sure it doesn't look good at all, because it's just a mixture of rolled oats and dried fruit. I add water, creamer powder, and a little sugar, without milk.




Then I cook it while reading a book, then after 5 minutes I serve it to a bowl, and I bring it to my bed.


What a great weekend, even with things that look nothing special. But by feeling grateful and blessed, life feels perfect.

Enjoy My Post and Have A Great Day!


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Your plate looks yummy!


It is special, this time that you have carved out just for you! I love the book "The Giver!" When I was schooling the kids at home, it was one of the books I had them read. It is one of those books that is ageless!

I love that you are one of those, slow down and smell the roses kind of people. Enjoyed your post! I think I need some of that!

Have a wonderful evening!


I'm really glad, you like my post.

Thanks for the tip.

Have a great day for you

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