Steem Food Art: Sauteed Cow Skin

in food •  8 months ago  (edited)

Cow Skin is a good side dish, even though at first it looks disgusting. The chewy texture of the cow's skin will make this food have a thick and fatty gravy texture.

Processed Cow Skin is considered as a positive utilization so that the cow's skin is not removed when the beef is taken for consumption. So, in addition to being used as traditional Indonesian crackers, cow skin is usually used as food for accompanying rice or other Indonesian traditional foods such as "Lontong" and "Mie"/Noodles.

These are ready-to use pieces of Cow Skin. We bought them in the traditional market. This form has been through the step of cleaning the layer of fur on the skin.

How to process Cow Skin for side dishes is very easy if we already have ready-to use cow skin as we have.

We will tell you how to make Sauteed Cow Skin with simple spices.


  • Cow-hide
  • red onions
  • garlic
  • green chili
  • tomato
  • cooking oil
  • a Little water

Cooking Instructions

  • The first step, boil cow skin briefly until it boils to reduce fat and aroma.
  • Meanwhile, prepare ingredients for seasoning. Cut red onions, garlic, tomatoes.
  • After boiling, cut into Cow Skin.
  • Heat oil, then saute ingredients for seasoning until it has a nice aroma.
  • Then put the pieces of cow skin.
  • Add a little water, then cook until the gravy becomes thick.
  • Raise and serve.

At first glance, the texture of the pieces of Cow Skin looks like the texture of octopus pieces. What do you think?

For the photoshoot session, then we had the idea to present Cow Skin in the form of a triple S to resemble the shape of the Steem symbol.

We are very happy to be able to bring the Steem symbol into a serving plate on our dining table. Although it takes time to arrange the pieces of Cow Skin, it feels very happy we can try something new.

We hope you like our food-art this time.

Until Next!

Our hope is to continue to grow with young people who are creative, innovative. We continue to be positive for Steem Blockchain. Posted from my blog with SteemPress :
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It wouldn’t be the same without you, @definisiluka.

I haven't eaten cow skin ever, never even thought about it, and I have no plan to do so in the near or far future, but in your photos it looks good.

Other than that, you have described the process in an effective way.

Have a nice day.

I don't no if this food available on other country. But always happy to sharing our traditional food.

Thanks for reading @mobi72

That's the beauty of Steem and other social media, we come in contact with people from different cultures around the world. We know things which are not easily possible otherwise.

Have a great day.

Your Food Fight Friday Contender has been entered into Round 69
May your contender make it out alive and not be placed in a permanent food coma!
Good Luck
Have a

It does look like octopus. Haha. Happy food fight!

Indeed! Thanks for reading @puravidaville

Really cool 😉 I've seen the mobile veggie seller brings the cow-skin ready to use everyday, but I've never tried to buy and cook it because Im afraid that my father in law couldn't consumed it due to he's a toothless old man.

I like the food presentation... it's beautiful!

In here the texture of cow skin is soft. Usually I buy it in traditional market. The tips, cutting the cow skin with small pieces. :)

Thanks for reading @cicisaja

Wow that's something you don't see everyday, at least not where I live.
Happy Food Fight!

Really rare if you are not living in Indonesia :)

Thanks for reading @farm-mom first it looks disgusting.

:confession: My original response was going to start, “it looks disgusting at second, too.” 😉 But, and this is a huge BUT with one ‘T.’

You just made cowskin look inviting but I’d appreciate if you didn’t tell anyone I said that—I’m trying to maintain an image around here. Lol!

@definisluka. Great contender! Thanks for joining the food fight and congratulations on the reward here—well deserved.

sorry if it looks disgusting at second, too :)

Another cultural :)



Hey @definisiluka, here is a little bit of BEER from @foodfightfriday for you. Enjoy it!

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