Dinner at Jia He Chinese Restaurant

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I was out for dinner with some mates last Saturday. There were eleven of us. Due to the restrictions during this time of Covid-19, we were unable to sit together at the same table. We had to sit at three tables because the maximum number allowed in a group is five people.

One of the mates in the group works in Jia He Chinese Restaurant. On his suggestion, we booked a private room at the restaurant, so that we will have some privacy. The restaurant is easily accessible, in a central location, convenient for all. There was also a birthday boy in the group. Since we are not allow to mingle, voices will definitely be ‘a bit’ louder. This will not go down well in an open dining hall. So, the private room was a good arrangement.

We were ushered to our room on arrival, so I actually didn’t get to have a good look at the restaurant. But I remember thinking that it is not a very big place. The restaurant decor and setting is simple chic which is a pleasant change from the normal Chinese restaurants.


Apparently, there are three main dining sections – one section for bigger dining groups, the middle section for smaller groups, and lastly, three private rooms. The partitions for the rooms are movable so that the three rooms can also be one or two rooms, to accommodate the size of the group.


We had a ten course meal. As we dined, and in between courses, we catched up on what’s going on in our lives, and as always, there was the reminiscences of our days at the Food & Beverage Service Course. For, those were the days when we were young, and where we met.

Due to our seating at three tables, conversations sometimes have to be across tables – sometimes all at the same time trying to be heard. So, we might have gotten a bit loud and boisterous at times, but nobody came to tell us to quiet down, so I guess we were all right.

Time passes quickly with this group of friends. We started at 6 pm and before we knew it, it was 10 pm. I am sure some of us still had plenty to say but didn’t get the chance to say them. So, we have arranged another meet on the 10th of this month – at this restaurant again, to try their dim sum this time.

Their food was good. Their service was good. And their prices for this standard of food and restaurant is very reasonable. So, we definitely, have to come back again to support this newly opened restaurant.

It was a lovely get-together. I enjoyed the evening very much. Great food, great company... all great!

Now, brace yourself, while I show you the mouth-watering food we had the other night. They were all very good, very nice indeed.

Crispy Roasted Pork Cube

Sauteed Stuffed Button Mushroom with Truffle Sauce

Sauteed crab legs with spices

Longevity buns

Chilled Fresh Scallop with Wasabi and Cream accompanied with Deep-fried Bean Skin Roll with Prawn

Braised Shark’s Fin with Conpoy and Fresh crab Meat

Steamed Fillet of Tiger Garoupa in ‘Thai Style’

Pan-fried Chicken Fillet with Black Truffle Sauce

Chilled Osmanthus Jelly with Coconut Milk

Crispy Hor Fun with Seafood and Egg Sauce

As you pour the the hot sauce over the crispy noodles, you can hear the cracking sound as the moisture is absorbed.

All the food taste as good as they looked.

Jia He Chinese Restaurant
The restaurant was recently opened in November last year. Located at 1 Farrer Park Station Road, #01-15, Singapore 217562, the restaurant is just above the Farrer Park MRT station. Very accessible.

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