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Saizeriya Restaurant is a Singapore chain of ‘no frills’ Italian restaurants. They are all over the island. They have a decent menu. While their food is, as someone put it – ‘not something to write home about’, they are all right - for the price and portion they are offering.

Since it is a no frills restaurant, there is no service to speak of. However, they were quick to take your orders and prompt in serving your food.

I would say Saizeriya restaurant is a good place for people trying Italian food for the first time. You can order for yourself, or you can order a number of dishes and share it with your friend, or friends, if you are in a group. This way, you get to sample more dishes. The portion sizes, and the prices, are catered for such. You can mix and match to see what food complements each other, or what food is more to your taste.

That is the concept, aim and goal of the restaurant chain – for diners to have a meal at affordable prices, and to introduce Italian cuisine to the public. They market themselves as the ‘Casual Italian Restaurant’ and in this respect, I believe they have achieved what they set out to do.

I was there recently with my friend @sinlg. These were what we ordered.

Milano Gratin - Penne in Beef Bolognese Sauce, white sauce and Cheese


Mushroom and Bacon with Gouda & Mozzarella Cheese


Four Cheese Rivoli – Traditional Italian Pasta filled with four cheese


Chicken Wings


Nacho Bacon Potato – Bacon and Nacho Potato topped with Nacho Cheese


Butter Corn- Sweet corn with Garlic Butter


The food were all nice enough. Would I go back? Sure! I am not a big eater. And I prefer a few bites of different dishes instead of one big chunk of meat with loads of fries. So, the restaurant’s concept works very well for me.

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They used to have the free flow of drinks top up option which is now not available.