Japanese food at Sushi Zanmai

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I don't usually post food post without involving #tasteem, but Sushi Zanmai appear to be our latest favorite of Japanese restaurant, and had to put up some photos to show you guys. And unfortunately, Zanmai group is an international franchise, so it's not proper to use #tasteem to author the post. We shall see how bad the tag will influence the post payout from this post compare to my other restaurant review. Let's get on with it.

Chicken Katsu Don is my little princess all time favorite. She got addicted to this dish since we were in Ipoh, from a food court fusion Japanese hawker.

I have ordered this very innocent garlic fried rice, and surprisingly it's fairly tasty. Why would I get a plate of garlic fried rice? One of the major reason is, it's one of the most filling dish at the most reasonable price.

And the little boy is really fond with the Inari, where the tofu skin is lightly sweetened wrapped in Japanese rice.

To have something to share, we got this plate of salmon skin. Despite it named as skin, but it came with very generous amount of flesh attached, deep fried with sale and seasoning, tasted marvelous with slight curry power sprinkled on the mayonnaise.

This is a plate of fried mushroom, I can't remember if it's called Ika Karage. My kids usually doesn't eat mushrooms when they see the mushroom. Since it doesn't looks like mushroom after being coated with flour and deep fried, I had the princess to try some of this, instantly she likes it. Like many times people just pick their own food because of the appearance.

And after 20 minutes, finally my salmon fish head is here. I choose salted instead of teriyaki sauce for a fact that I wish to really enjoy the fish taste. That wraps up the wonderful lunch at Zanmai from Jaya Shopping Center.

Located in: Jaya Shopping Centre
Address: Jaya Shopping Centre, 26A, Jalan 14/14, Seksyen 14, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Don't ask for phone number, they have recently screwed up a booking reservation, I think the floor staff has been given a serious warning by the management, may be that's why I've been treated really well during my visit. But overall, I'd say food is marvelously tasty, staff is not at the best performance, but attentive enough, floor manager lack of smile but voice pattern is acceptable. I don't know whether they can survive, as it seems like outlet in this mall keep on closing down due to less strategic location. I will be hoping they can be the game changer of the mall.

Format wise, I don't see my review is any less than my ordinary #tasteem post, but let's see how far this will go.

p/s: Added later, I did found out Zanmai is not internationally franchised! So, yeah I will be coming back for another visit! Next time with new photos and new writeups in #tasteem. And there also found their contact number at their Facebook page here

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