Will Liverpool Be Fired From the English League?

in football •  2 years ago  (edited)

The world soccer team has been hit again by problems. this time one of the English football teams had to receive a heavy penalty in the English League Cup match.

Liverpool really made it to the fourth round of English league competition after defeating MK Dons 2-0 last week. But, victory has backfired for Liverpool after receiving a lawsuit for bringing down players who are still considered illegal.


Pedro Chirivella, midfielder who replaced Naby Keita in the 63rd minute. The English Football League (EFL) as the tournament operator received a report that Pedro did not meet the criteria to compete.

related to the status of Pedro who is still hanging as a loan player in Extremadura the second half of last season. Pedro hasn't been able to play at all since January because the transfer documents were late registered.

With this report, Liverpool's victory could be considered illegal and there might be a rematch. In addition, Liverpool are also faced with the toughest penalty issued from the English League Cup.

Pedro's presence has been a long problem, because it has threatened Liverpool can not continue the journey in the English League Cup. I think this is a very bad luck for a soccer team that is going through competition and is stopped disrespectfully.

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