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At present world there are the some most popular football players in the world . Neymar is one of them. Today I will discuss neymar's biography . Brazil is always powerful football team in football world . Brazilian take football game as professional . Brazilian mind that Football is bigger than religion . Neymar was born on 1992 ,5 February . He was born in Sao Paolo in Brazil . His full name is Neymar the silva santosh junior . His father name is Neymar senior . His father call with affection neymar as junio. His father was a football player . But he can not fill up his dream . For this reason he was dream that he will be filled up his dream by his son . His family condition was not good. His father provided proper training naymer . When he was simply big , his father went to play footsalt. Footsalt means some player will play football indoor field .There naymer played very well. Many persons impressed his performence . Naymer was poor boy childhood life . In childhood he plays football on Sahopaolo road. He loved deeply football . In 2003 he joined Santosh club. When neymar was 11 years old , he got chance to play as Young team.In 2009 he started as profesional football career when his age was 17 years old. He achieved award as" The Best Player " that year . He can not achieve success as Santosh football player first season . Because they do not provide chance for playing naymer Brazilian Cup In 2009 , 11 April he got winful goal . But he can not win that match . In 2010 he played excellent as santosh club fotball player . That leage naymer scored 14 goals in 19 plays. Naymer got more reputation from many people . In 2011 to 2012 he selected as "The year of Player "in South America . In 2011 he selected for playing FIFA . Some people campared naymer with pele . They said that naymer is football player like pele . Pele commended about naymer that Neymar is extra-ordinary player . Ronal dinho commended that Neymar will become world famous player . Santosh club won many troppy by naymer. After that he got chance as National player . In 2010 he scored total 11 goals . He got award as Highest goalkeeper. 2003 to 2009 he spends santosh junior team.he is the most rich football player in Brazil . At present there are some very rich football player . Namer is one of them.. 2003 to 2013 he played santosh club. 2013 to 2017 he played Barcelona club. He scored 800 goals in 123 matches as Barcelona player . Paris cent journey bought naymer by 222 millions dollars. He scored 19 goals in 20 matches as paris club player. He scored 55 goals in 85 matches as national player . In 2010 10 August he played against USA . This match was first international match for neymar. In 2013 he played against japan Confideration Cup . Brazil won that match by 3 goals . He scored goals step by step . He scored one goal against Spain Confidaration final match. He won golden ball 2013 Confidaration Cup. He scored 4 goals in 5 matches FIFA world Cup 2014. He scored hatrick goals against chaina First international olympic game. When naymer was 19 years old , he became father . When he was 20th birthday , he filled up 100 goals . He is the most marketable football player in the world . Neymar has hobby . He is a singer . Sometimes he sings song every party .At present by his injury he is not playing maximum time . We hope that neymar will return fulfil football . Neymar will future legend football player . I love Brazil team . I like neymar play . In a world neymar is most talented football player in the world .

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Please review this post, there are lots of typo.

He scored 800 goals in 123 matches as Barcelona player .

Namar -- Neymar
probably you wanted to write 80

Yes. You are right .Next time , i will try absulotly right data .Ok. friend .