I will give you valuable prizes to play this game. I just want to read your jokes. Punday Monday 130

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Welcome to Punday Monday!


  1. make a pun about the topic of the week,
  2. the topic is Hanukkah,
  3. here's how to make a pun, if you don't know: https://steemit.com/contest/@improv/puns-and-prizes-learn-to-pun-easy-fun-anybody-can-be-a-hit-at-parties


New To Punday?

Pull up a stool, order a spiked PUNch, and get to know some of the regulars. I'm your PUNtender, @improv.

How To Make a Pun

This contest is open to everyone. Here's a handy dandy guide on how to make a pun: Learn to Pun

Rules for the PUN-test:

  • If you hope to win a prize, your pun must be your original work
  • Puns must be relevant to the topic of the week to win a prize, but they can be very loosely related.

Last Week's Punday Monday:

Here is last week's Punday Monday, and all the puns that were eligible to win this week are in the comments!

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I am of the opinion that there are four responses to creative works one doesn’t like.

  1. Constructive criticism. Help them get better!
  2. Useful review. Help audience members know which of them will like and which won’t like this piece.
  3. Outdo them. Demonstrate to yourself and others what “good” looks like.
  4. Keep it to yourself.

There is, however, only one way to respond to creative work one DOES like.

  1. Send them POCKET.

What pun was your favorite?

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  • SBI

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This week,

Our entrants were:
@acolucky, @theabsolute

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Tell your friends. Where is everyone?

This Week's Pun Topic Is:

Hanukkah! It starts this weekend!

As in,
My cousin was spinning the dreidel. I wanted to talk to her, but not interrupt so I waited until I could say “ה”. (Hey)

Awesome joke. Nonetheless, I think you can do better.

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I make the absolute best breakfasts around Hanukkah. I’m serious, if you need a good recipe for French toast just challah at me !!


Challah french toast is the BEST!



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I have always enjoyed the food and festivities around Hanukkah, but this year while travelling in Canada I had a hard time being understood. While eating at a lovely dinner I asked if anyone had plans with Hanukkah coming up.

"Chanook eh? No, he lives further north."


Hanukkah is lining up with my wife's period this month. Let's just say the real miracle is going to be if we don't argue during those 8 days. Never a fun time. Blech, it's not kosher

I am going to take it easy this Hanukkah. Last year I partied too hard and Torah ligament in my knee.


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On a side note, there’s at least 2 correct ways to spell Hanukkah that I know of, but none of them are the way you spelled it in this post @improv

You're right! Whoops! Fixed it.


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Too much info in one post for me to understand it all. I have no idea what to do or what is asked. Good luck to all. 💕

If I said,

  1. make a pun about the topic of the week,
  2. the topic is Hanukkah,
  3. here's how to make a pun, if you don't know: https://steemit.com/contest/@improv/puns-and-prizes-learn-to-pun-easy-fun-anybody-can-be-a-hit-at-parties

Would you know what to do and join us?

@improv It is not about the prize but I am so not funny if it comes to jokes. 🙁 I am the one who keeps asking why or how or what if you tell a joke because it does not make sense to me.
So far I only discovered that it it 8 days of fried food with applesauce. Applesauce is very Dutch so are oliebollen (kind of donuts but better) now I wonder if it is jewish. Although apple and pear are the only fruits we have.

Asking "how? what?" is one of my favorite comedy bits. That's why I feature the bada-bing, YOU BEEN PUNNED section!


Applesauce and fried food for 8 days! Sounds like Hannukah AND Holland are delicious!

@improv LOL my youngest agrees with only French fries and applesauce for the rest of her life. ❤️


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