Implementations of Leadership Education Patterns | Building Character Concept

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One of the goals of scout education is to make students who are skilled, disciplined and virtuous. The development of student character education can be developed in various ways. In its development scout education has an important role to implement student character education and coaching. Student characters can be trained by applying leadership education patterns.

In this case scouting education has become one of the means of coaching in developing the leadership and skills of students. Through the pattern of leadership education it is expected that character and personality of participants will be formed based on morals, values, and norms in social life. In an effort to support scouting education in the city of Lhokseumawe, we held a basic training activity for prospective members of Racana Teuku Chiek in Tunong - Cut Meutia Scout Of Lhokseumawe.

At this meeting prospective members are trained to be disciplined and have strong leadership. Basically scouting education is not only talking about adventure or odyssey. Before doing activities in the open, it is very important for students to prepare mentally, and build a better personality attitude.


The pattern of leadership education is carried out as a way to prepare students for adventure in the nature wild. In the end students will also become social beings who have a strong leadership spirit when in the community.

Discipline is one part of coaching carried out through leadership education patterns. Discipline can be interpreted as an act of obedience and obedience to an agreed upon. In a different sense I interpret discipline as one of the attitudes towards the rules that have been applied in the environment that apply to every individual and society. Discipline also contains the values of responsibility that grow for each student.


Through the pattern of leadership education, students will be directed to get used to doing things regularly and scheduled. So that this education will educate students not to do bad habits. Through the pattern of leadership education, students are also taught about how to behave in ways that are in accordance with the rules that apply to their social groups.

One application of the pattern of leadership education in scout education is through "Baris Berbaris/line of march". "Baris Berbaris/line of march" is one of the training methods to improve the habits of living procedures of a society which leads to the formation of character. This line activity is an implementation of physical form to form discipline.


This activity is usually carried out in an open field that is adequate for moving movements. In this "Baris Berbaris/line of march" activity students will be given orders by a commander, these commands will be carried out by team members simultaneously and in succession. There are three types of commands that are usually applied, including the command instructions, warning command, command to carry out. This command can also be referred to as the cue.

The instructions are usually used to confirm the intent of the warning / executing command. Warning command are part of the core command that must be carried out by team members who are in the line. While the implementation of the command is an attitude of firmness to carry out the instructions / instructions that are carried out simultaneously and in succession.


In its formation, marching activities have functions to: cultivate a disciplined attitude, robust physical attitude, firm, agile and full of brotherhood. This activity aims to prioritize the interests of the task above the interests of individuals. In addition, fostering a sense of brotherhood is a common sense of responsibility needed to carry out the task.

Thus, marching activities have established a sense of responsibility for the commander and team members he leads. In this case the discipline will grow to carry out the basic tasks to perfection. The essence of carrying out this command is with a sense of sincerity and a sense of responsibility.

Planting the right discipline will result in the formation of good and positive behavior and morals of students according to the social community environment.

Scout education has a neat and organized education concept that benefits individual growth and development. Scout education certainly has an important role to shape the character of discipline that can be applied in various ways, including one of them is through leadership education patterns that are implemented through marching activities.

"Good things done will bring goodness, sincerity is a source of passion full of love and dedication, wings of birds fly, the people have dreams, people need you to help them, you will look great for the little actions you do but have an impact broad for everyone"


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