Elon Musk Having a Try Not to Cringe Challenge

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Hey guys!

It's right here. The video you've been waiting for. Don't you worry, I got it for you. Could this be the dictionary defnition of dumb money? Is this guy for real? Is he on a secret mission to dumb down the rest of the world? You bet he is, and he is doing a terrific job.

Of course, I am talking about Jack Ma, who has managed to take stupid to the next level. More and more questions kept being raised as I was watching this video last night. Is this guy actually that retarded? Maybe it's the fact that nobody ever dares to tell him when he's wrong due to his wealth?

Could it be that he's playing the fool so that the Chinese communist party won't perceive him as a threat? Or maybe he is secretly just a chat bot put in that position for the sake of scientific research? I do not have the answers to the aforementioned questions, dear reader. But I do know that I lost brain cells watching him speak.

The cringe was never stronger.

I'd like to hear your thoughts. How on Earth do you think this man ended up a billionaire? This video sure gave me hope that I can do it as well one day. I mean, I can be that dumb too if I want to, doesn't seem like a big deal to me.

Maybe this whole show was staged and it was actually Elon Musk having a try not to laugh challenge, as someone pointed out in the comment section. Makes perfect sense if you ask me. Elon was actually low key roasting Jack the entire time, but I do realize that due to the language barrier Jack couldn't get each and every subtle thing coming out of Elon's mouth. Because Jack is too intelligent to fail in picking up on Elon's sarcasm. Sure.

The comment section is hilarious by the way, pure gold right there. If you want to have a good laugh, if you're feeling a bit under the weather, or if you wonder whether there's still hope in whatever it is you might be trying to achieve in life, I would recommend watching this video asap. You can thank me later.

On a serious note, this is exactly what is wrong with the world nowadays from my humble point of view. Fools are full of self confidence, but smart people are full of doubts. Jack is doing a terrific job demonstrating this truth in the video.

I appreciate your attention.

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Τον Justin δεν θα τον ξαναπιάσεις στο στόμα σου. To Justin!

Guy's out there dissing himself lmao

Hello lordneroo :D
Unfortunately I have difficulties with english videos to understand them. If I can read it, I understand a lot, but also not everything. I absolutely must learn English better. Your comments and the comments below the video makes me suspect, or rather know, haha, that Jack Ma is not held in high esteem.
But I learned something, because I was looking for Jack Ma. Because I didn't know that he was Alibaba founder and multi-billionaire. The best video and the video I like best, my opinion, that explains why he is a multi-billionaire, is unfortunately in German, but the speaker speaks very clearly and there are subtitles, which makes it easier. I hope it is possible for you to understand it. I only dared to do this because you said that you studied German.

You like the video?

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Hello, @suntree!

Thanks for this video, I will definitely watch this one later. If you ask me, your English is really good, but there's always room for improvement, and that goes for each and everyone of us. And yeah, Jack Ma is a rather controversial figure, and while I'm certainly not an expert in any of the fields he's talking about in this particular interview, I can tell he isn't the sharpest tool in the shed.

Thanks for passing by!