Do You Know about Kedondong Fruit (Ambarella/Spanish Plum)?

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In Indonesia, we can easily find Kedondong fruit.


Kedondong fruit has the name Spondias dulcis. Also known as Ambarella and Spanish Plum.


Kedondong flesh is hard but crunchy. It tastes sour so it's usually served with salt and spicy seasoning. Or kedondong can also be used as a sweet snack by boiling them.


To get rid of sour taste and keep the texture of the fruit flesh remains crunchy, we can soak the kedondong fruit in betel lime water for the whole night, then cooked with sugar water.


For me, kedondong is also delicious to be enjoyed only with salt with a fresh and crunchy texture.


Kedondong Tree

Sometimes we can find kedondong fruit with a slightly sweet taste if they are left ripe on a tree. But it still does not eliminate the sour taste.


Have you ever eaten this fruit?

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My aunty love this fruit! She is the one who showed it to me the first time. It is not so common to get it here so I only eat it when I visit my aunty. Thank you for the tips. I will share it to her.

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Nope, I've never heard of that fruit before. I probably have no business eating it where I live though. To me, fruit is meant to be eaten seasonally and locally. If I'm ever somewhere that it grows naturally, I'll be sure to try it!