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How to Propagate Venus Fly Traps

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Nice work and helpful article. Your plant looks super charged with health.

I have a VFT growing indoors. Thought it was going to rot a month after I bought it, because the leaves and new growth kept turning brown and black at the ends. I had a sundew that died in this same manner. However, my VFT seems to be more resilient than the sundew, and it seems to be restoring itself with healthier new growth. It's growing in the original medium which is pure sphagnum moss. Now I only water it a little bit if it looks like the leaves are curling or wrinkling, or if the growing medium feels dry. I keep a clear cup over it to preserve humidity.

Let me know if you have any other super tips. Sounds like you really know what you are doing with VFT. Do you know if VFT can be fed manually with fish food? Or is this a bad idea?

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Hi, thank you for your words. It's good to see a fellow Steemian growing carnivorous plants. I recommend the book "The Savage Garden" it is absolutely a good read. I don't know about fish food, but it's ok to manually feed them occasionally. I have a worm farm at home so we the plants have difficult time capturing insects, I feed them the worms instead.