A Cute Seal, easy drawing tutorial

in gems •  2 months ago  (edited)


Hello, friends!

Today i would like to show you how i made this seal easily with medibang painter apps on my samsung s6 lite android tab.

Here are the easiest steps:

First, i draw the head and two legs then go through its body and also tail. Then, add a ball there.


Finished with the drawing, it's time to paint it. I paint in on the 2nd layer. Started from the whole body then eye, mouth and a line under its' body. Then, paint the ball, i made a beach ball with colourful colors, started from blue, then red, green and also yellow.


Then add the splash of water on its' bottom. Paint it, then i make some correction to add the cuteness like the eye, and the body colour, i made it a bit greyish than before.


Hope you like my article, thanks for reading it. Stay safe and have a nice day!

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