DIY Unicorn Holder tutorial

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Hello, Friends especially DIY makers!

Today I would like to share how I made this cute unicorn multipurpose holder with the reused material as the main material I used. This was so easy and fun to make. The materials and things also could be find easily at home. Come and see how I made it!

Materials and Things needed:

Unused biscuit box made from cardboard ( I used the one in medium size, it had 22 cm height)

Unused paper ( I used a thick brochure to make the pattern)

A black marker

A cutter

A scissors

A Pencil

A Ruler

Double sided tape

A Multipurpose glue

A Glue stick

Some drawing papers

Origami papers in high light colour

Gold Glitter

How to make it:

Draw the pattern on the unused paper, like S shaped below. Then copy the S on the top and also back side of the biscuit box, I use the black marker here.


After that, cut off the box with your cutter and also scissors. Then, I tried to cover all the sides it had with the drawing paper. Cut the drawing paper off.


Used the double sided tape to paste the biggest drawing paper on the box, but I also used the multipurpose glue here cause it was easier, just be careful, don’t use too much of the glue here. For this step, I cover the front and back part of the box.


After finished, join the two parts of the box together with the double sided tape.


Don’t forget to cover the rests of the box’s sides. First, measure all with the ruler.


Cut off all the paper to cover all of the box’s sides, then glue it to the box.


After finished, made two ear shapes with white paper and sleek it on the top box’s side.


Next, make the wings, draw first in the unused paper then copy transfer it on the drawing paper, cut off then paste it on the purple origami and also cut it off.


Paste both wings with double sided tapes like below.


Now make 6 circles with pink origami, but remember to make them in 3 different sizes. Then add it to the unicorn’s body on the box.


For the hair, I used the green turquoise colour origami and also drawing paper. The drawing paper measured to 7 cm width then cut in the middle. For the origami, fold and cut like below.


Put the origami in the middle of the cut drawing paper, fold. Then put the glue on the drawing paper, then paste to the back part.


For the eyes, cut two circles from white paper, I used the back of light yellow origami here. Then used the marker to draw closed eyes with lashes. Paste them on the two sides of the unicorn also draw the nostrils and smiled mouth.


Last thing, the unicorn horn. For this part, make a pyramid with 4x4 cm square as its’ foundation like below on the drawing paper then cut it off.


Prepare 4 yellow triangles to cover around the pyramid. Add the multipurpose glue, make 3 horizontal lines for each triangle then pour the glitter there.


Paste the 4 glittered triangles on the pyramid.


Last thing was just paste it on the top of the unicorn and voila it is ready to used now. You could use it as the hand sanitizer holder at home like I did or to put any things inside. To modify you could also used larger box or even wooden box for this project.


Hope you enjoy it, thank you for reading my article.

Stay safe and have a happy day, Friends!

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