The Cheapest Latte in a Mall...

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Hello, friends especially coffeelovers at this community Cinammon cup coffee!

Today mom and i went to our favorite mall, Grand Indonesia Shopping Center - Central Jakarta. We went there cause we needed to buy some of our needs in the supermarket and a little bit strolling. We were still there in the afternoon and we also were a bit sleepy and tired so then i got an idea, why didn't we have a little coffee to boost ourselves? We walked to the 5th floor west mall then we found a cafe in the food court... yes a cafe but in a food court, the one and only i guess :)

The Food Court

The Food court was located on the 5th floor of west mall Grand Indonesia, one of the largest food court here.


The Dining Area


It had many chairs and tables but they had a strict rule now about the limitation number of tables and chairs and also the clear partition between two chairs on its table as you could see. And this foodcourt is the one that always clean and neat, so hygienic.

The Food Stall

Here was how the cafe stall which was located in the foodcourt looked like


You could see that they had many customers here... and we needed to queue up to order our drink.

The Menu

Here they had some of the beverages


You could see that they also have 2 beverages on promotion, one choco drink, the other one was with coffee. Luckily the latte one was the one i would like to try and they made in on promotion, from 13K IDR to 10K IDR... reduced around 30% off, great..

We needed to wait only 5 minutes to get our drink ready, and we needed to take the drink at the other side of the stall.


Psst... before we took it, we also had bought a steamed bun to get a bit snacktime to accompany the coffee!

The Coffee

Here it was


The Milky Hazelnut Latte

The Taste and The Flavour


It had the sweet but not too sweet flavour... the coffee was local but i liked it cause it smelled and tasted so good, coffeey, i guessed it was arabica coffee. Although i am not a coffee lover myself but i love to try many different food and also drink so i could taste it even from the smell. The milk they gave in this coffee was also in the correct portion so this made it even tastier. Both mom and i loved this coffee cause it was tasty and even could be more delicious than some of the coffee from other famous expensive cafe. So better try it!

We also bought the tasty bbq chicken steamed bun for the coffee company, it was also soft, smooth and tasty with sweet bbq chicken as its' filling.


We really enjoyed our snack time this afternoon!

The Price


As you could see it was really just 10K IDR or around 0.7 USD for the coffee.. and the steamed bun was even just half price of the coffee, 5K IDR or around 0.35 USD.. really cheap and affordable price in a mall!

So wanna try the tasty coffee for only 0.7 USD too?

Food Print
5th floor West Mall
Grand Indonesia Shopping Center
Central Jakarta
Open daily 10am-8pm

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