Fully Customized Card: For Orders!

in handmade •  2 years ago 

It is done! I am so excited.


I really have been travelling too much (not for leisure) but this card was needed to be made; and it's a perfect sample for customized card orders for anyone who's going to #steemfest and would like a full scale handmade card.

And this was the happy recipient's response

This size, if I remembered it correctly, it is about 5 inches by 7 inches, almost... and this was made on a special card stock (which is more expensive) and it cost around... at today's price from the exchange is about 7.50 STEEM , envelope included.


In the light of Steem Fest, I will be selling on a discounted rate for:

  • 1 piece = 4 STEEM
  • 5 pieces = 15 STEEM
  • 10 pieces = 30 STEEM

(Yes, envelope is included; and yes, even envelopes are handmade. Ask @khimgoh she can verify it)

10% of the revenue will be BURNT to @null

This is also because I feel that with #hf21 coming and I am still seeing a lot of potential for commercial use for steem / sbd , I have decided to do the "burning run" for this round of sales to promote my trust for the Steem blockchain (Steemit) community

10% of the revenue will be donated to @gtpjfoodbank for their fund raising

The rest is going to split to 50/50 where I am hoping to cover steemfest ticket, and also to be liquidated for my parents' medical bills.


Just so you know this upclose picture actually DOES NOT EXIST in iMirror Android app, but is re-compiled to suit the needs. I have used my friend's face (because it's her birthday) to make this cover page; so ALL your orders will be done on the face that you so choose to put in.


As for the wordings, this was aided by www.freepik.com (because this was a personal gift); but actual orders I will do my best not to use commercial license fonts, otherwise I will be hand writing it myself...

(My hands are still rather shaky for calligraphy haha)

Any inquiries, please look for me at discord @littlenewthings#8151

Date of Delivery: On - SteemFest 4 - week

Venue: I will announce later

This is my way to gather funds for Steemfest. I do hope some Steemians will be interested. This would be a great investment for because not everyone gets to receive something that is print, handmade, cut, and prep by a human with a personal touch. I will be showing more samples soon!

(I have a bit of time tomorrow)

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This is awesome @littlenewthings I hope that you get lot of orders to fund your trip to SF4! Any chance that you could open a small booth also at SF4 to sell some ready stock for the upcoming Christmas season? Wondering out loud...

I do hope so! Let's spread out the news!
Am going to do extra design tonight for people to see.

I am not sure about booth at SF4 haha... Never seen that before.

Who should we ask?

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