Road to Steemfest: Pre-order Greeting Cards for SF4 Attendees (and whoever they proxy for)

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Hey Steemians!

(I am writing from my old commercial emphasis account)

If those who has read Why do I want to go to Steem Fest? Help me fund my trip! post (organised by @anomadsoul and @blocktrades) in my main active account, I have promised that I will be posting a lot more sample designs with Great Discounts for Steemians attending SteemFest 4

This is also one of the ways that I truly wanted to introduce the Steem blockchain's ecosystem that it can be used MORE than just writing and cashing out (via exchange)

Especially for beginners SME like me, still more like a hobbyist and a side hustle for me at the moment as I still need a day job to put food on the table, this is actually a wonderful entrée for those who wish to offer the Steem community (and its tribes) a little more on the commercial element.

In which I am hoping that there will be a way work this out, starting as tiny as a pre-order Greeting Cards...

delivered on Steemfest!

Just like my previous post, I have already proposed the rates as below...

They are all in cost price + discounted rate

  • 1 piece = 4 STEEM
  • 5 pieces = 15 STEEM
  • 10 pieces = 30 STEEM

On top of it, to make Steem valuable, even with the smallest gesture, and honoring @creativecoin 's brilliant idea for its tribe,

10% of the revenue will be BURNT to @null

In the light of #charity and continuously supporting @gtpjfoodbank for its tireless effort to feed the under privileged struggling families,

10% of the revenue will be donated to @gtpjfoodbank for their fund raising

And let's look what I have done so far!

If you have read from my post, you will see a sneak peak of the designs.

Last night after reaching home I added some extra ornaments and sentiments on the card to make it nicer, along with the estimated card size. I have ordered a "nicer" Christmas die cut plate today and will be substituting this overly small design (hopefully it isn't too small either)

Here is a more up-close design, where you can choose to add an extra face (you and your partner / family member / friend) to present the card together

I might attempt to make pets faces, if I have enough time to find some cute ones to look at the samples, especially #caturday petlovers haha... but no promises

These cards are all embossed with pop-ups to make it more excitingly presented to any recipients.

Unless you prefer a classical version. They will cost the same because the work to get these details cut out takes a lot of time, and the glitter effect are extra work too; either with embossing powder or glitter felt paper.

Because it is not only restricted to Season Greetings - Christmas events

And if you have decided to plan ahead for all year round (like your family members' birthday) let me know earlier via my main account @littlenewthings#8151 via discord, or just comment here and tag my main account @littlenewthings so that my #partiko can pick up the notification

Just so you know that every order here is going to contribute to the embetterment of the Steem blockchain. The more orders made, the more STEEM will be sent to @null and reduces the circulation of dumping in the exchanges

These cards will be more expensive in my local Malaysian online store Shopee but has an exception of free local shipping voucher; but for Steemfest, I am going to make a great exception.

Like @theycallmedan said,

You got to have passion on something you bank in. That helps you to push harder!


Ready for orders!

(with more designs coming)

Crafts of Love (center white) 100px.png

ps: This is my old (lost and found) account, which I managed to retrieve my password after misplacing it for 1 year. @littlenewthings is my main account now; but this will be my account specially for commercial and charity use.

Yes! 3 years old now!

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