The Reasons Why We Have to Do Plank Every Day

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If we think about mild exercise and is suitable for beginners to do it every day, then, in my opinion, Plank can be the top list.

Plank is one of the favorite exercises for beginners and it is also fun to do for people who are very busy and have little time to exercise.

Let's discuss some good things that you can make an excuse to do planks every day.

Quick Time

Planking can be said as a relatively short exercise. We only need to spend about 10-15 minutes a day to do this.


Effective benefits

Although done in a quick time, Plank can have effective benefits for the body, more than just core strength.

Plank helps us improve overall metobolism. Calories will burn more than when doing sit-ups. Burning calories is good news for those of you who often spend time sitting in front of the computer.

In addition, Plank can reduce the risk of injury in the spine. Plank is able to strengthen our muscles and promote the strength of the entire back. This can help reduce your back. What a good reason to do Plank!

Improving Body Posture

Posture can be said as an important factor that makes someone who is passionate about exercising. By doing Plank, we can also contribute to improving posture.

In addition to increasing muscle strength and body metabolism, Plank will help keep your posters good through your muscles and bones. This ensures that your poster is efficient so that it will reduce back pain.

The most important thing is that good posture will bring you confidence and keep you looking fit.

Those were some of the benefits of doing Plank that can make us excited.

It doesn't matter if we do it for a maximum of only ten minutes, because Plank as a mild exercise for beginners is able to offer efficient benefits to our body.

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