Utilizing Detergent Bottles for Exercise

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Sports at home with simple movements do have smaller health benefits compared to more serious sports movements for example if we go to a sports studio. But of course, simple movements help us stay in shape. That's better than not moving at all.

Usually, we can use household equipment to help us exercise. One such item is a detergent bottle.

We can use detergent bottles to lift weights that can make our arms look tight and ideal.

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Not just to provide exercise on the arm, we can also combine the exercise with movements for the thighs and buttocks. You do this with both hands still holding the detergent bottle, and the arms of the thighs form a squatting motion then stand up, and do the repetition.

The thing you need to pay attention to is that you must have a detergent bottle that contains the same weight if we use 2 bottles. Also, make sure it is tightly closed and will not spill when you move the bottle.

For those of you who wash with a washing machine, you can wait for the washing time to finish by doing that simple exercise using a detergent bottle, and it can also be a perfume bottle.

Very easy to do and not burdensome, especially we do it while waiting for the washing time in the machine is complete.

Hasil gambar untuk using detergent bottle for exercise

Efficient use of time and can be beneficial for body fitness. Good luck. :)

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