Manticore And Serpentine Mystic In Action - "Little League Ruleset" - Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge

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Kindly find the below details of Splinterlands 👾 Battle.

  • It took sometime to play in Little League Ruleset but at the end that time is arrived. In this Battle i used Fire 🔥 Splinter and this is my line up, Cerberus, Beetle Queen, Manticore, Serpentine Mystic, Kobold Miner, Furious Chicken 🐔. I've put Cerberus in the lead because it have effective attack and it can heal itself by two health points, Beetle Queen, Manticore, Serpentine Mystic and Kobold Miner showcased effective support and Furious Chicken 🐔 always play the role of Diversion Of Attack.
  • My strategy succeeded this time. In next Little League Ruleset too i will go with this line up only, hopefully.
  • I haven't focused much towards the Ruleset before, due to this Contest Series first time i am focusing towards the Ruleset so yes i enjoyed the Little League Ruleset.

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Great post keep up the good work my friend and I hope you are enjoying your weekend 👍🏾 !trdo

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Thank you so much for your kind words brother. Yes, i had a pleasant weekend. Stay blessed always. 🙂

No problem bro 🤜🏾🤛🏾



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@chireerocks Funny images :-)


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