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Greetings friends!

Our world is a very strange thing, which is very difficult, sometimes, to understand. Very often, next to us there are riddles that are very difficult to solve and fit in our brain, but we have to live with this armed with a positive.

This year, walking the streets of the city, I observe the Cornucopia, which hangs from the branches of trees and hides in the thick grass.

The fruits of the trees and other berries are abundant in this season.

Very often, people complain about the lack of harvest, referring to the spring frost, or something else. But, this time, the harvest is very plentiful, the branches of the trees are bursting with the abundance of fruits, but nobody picks them.

I see many fruits that rot on the ground and on the branches. It's strange.

Do people think that now, every year will be so fruitful?

Instead of stocking up on canned and dried fruit, they are allowed to feed for worms and mold.

As one joke says: The development of agriculture in Ukraine is hampered by four factors - summer, autumn, winter and spring.

I will keep these photos for those who complain in the coming years that there is no harvest lol.

Look at these apples, they are not yet ripe, but there is so much power in them that it seems that they will explode and spray you with their juice.


Rowan, for a long time, no one collects, it will become food for birds in winter.


I really love smoke-smoked prunes, which are expensive, someone has tripled a lot of money. You see a small section of the carpet of decaying and scattered plums.


Cherries could be seen everywhere, they also were not picked from trees, apparently, they saved sugar.



Raspberry bushes left the boundaries of the land and crawled out onto the carriageway.


As it turned out, people are afraid of two things: a bountiful harvest and a lack of it.


But, our family, this year, not having their own land plot in Ukraine, ate fruits and berries in abundance that we collected in the swamps that are near our city.


Nobody knows what the next spring will be like. Will there be new flowers on the trees, will there be prolonged spring frosts, but let's hope for a cornucopia in the future!


Author @barski

For my publications, I do not use stock photographs, it is fundamentally important for me to use photographs that I have made with my own hands for publication and I can name them - authorial work.

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