Flower swirl

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When the flowers fade, they turn into a huge swirl of flowers that leaves behind a white winter.

This is the time of flight for flowers, when they are waiting for spring.

Such funny thoughts came to me when I was editing this photo which I took on a rainy evening.

I do not know what the children are doing today, after the rain, perhaps they are sitting in the apartment at the computer, but, earlier, we made boats out of paper and let them float in puddles.

Then, almost half a century ago, we did not know the word origami, it was simple - sheet-to-cage boats, or a ruler from a school notebook.

On this day, I had no paper, but, I had a puddle and some flowers that grew on an abandoned lawn.

I decided to take advantage of this and remember my childhood, turning the inflorescences into boats.


This photograph was not the best one. There was little light and the camera refused to focus on my preferences, but I decided to take advantage of it. Even a slight blur helped create a sense of wind movement.


Author @barski

For my publications, I do not use stock photographs, it is fundamentally important for me to use photographs that I have made with my own hands for publication and I can name them - authorial work.

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