Splinterlands daily quest reward

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Splinterlands daily quest reward at date 16/09/2020, I am now at Silver III rank and I win 2 loot chests, get 1 normal cards!

Hi everybody,

There is about 14 days to go for this season to finish, and will be rewards with season loot chests rewards!

This post is about keeping track on what card I get reward on my daily quest reward at splinterlands.

This is today quest stats ...

I will not miss on free daily card rewards to make my team stronger.

To get more cards for level up and gain stronger team, and remember, level up only card that you always use and the rest I sell and buy more cards!

My current strategy is to keep all card you get and max level as you get team power at the same time, team power is more important now.

At Silver III rank, I reward 2 loot chests. 😊 😊 😊

This is what I got ..... 😱

That's all for now. 😊

Have a nice day!

Love to play more games ... ???

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