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Comanche is a franchise of combat helicopter games with enough character in the video game scene. Since NovaLogic introduced a revolutionary combat helicopter simulator based on the popular but ill-fated United States Army RAH-66 Comanche in 1992, multiple deliveries, additional mission expansions, and multiplayer versions have seen the light of day throughout the years. 90's.

Most of the deliveries enjoyed a well-deserved success, either because of its well-implemented handling, or because of its revolutionary Voxel Space Engine, an engine designed to work with voxels instead of vectors, which allowed displaying more detailed and realistic elements. In 2001 Comanche 4 was launched, another success for the franchise, and the last game of this until the game at hand. And is that in 2004, the United States Army canceled the "Comanche" program with just 2 prototypes built, and logically there was little point in continuing to release games based on these devices, or at least that was thought until THQ Nordic decided to resuscitate the franchise 19 years later.


At Gamescom 2019, THQ Nordic, owner of the rights to the Comanche franchise after the acquisition of NovaLogic, announced the return of this saga by the German developer NUKKLEAR, and under the multiplayer 5 vs 5 game format. This aroused the joy of users for the return of Comanche, and the suspicion of seeing it in the hands of a fairly unknown study.

In March the game came to Steam in Early Access format, and by surprise, we found that a single player mode had begun to integrate into the game. This new installment, simply called Comanche, takes place in the near future, and presents us with a tutorial, where we will learn the handling of the helicopter, the single player mode, which will consist of 3 missions divided into 5 parts each -available so far the first full mission and the first part of the second mission-, and multiplayer, either solo or in teams.


Being based in the near future, our Comanche will be quite well equipped with advanced technology, such as total camouflage system, or self-targeting of the main weapon, and not only that, but we will be able to unlock up to 4 additional Comanche models, each with its own characteristics and abilities. In addition, each Comanche is equipped with a drone, which will serve us for multiple situations, but above all for reconnaissance and infiltration into enemy buildings. Like the helicopter, we have 4 types of drones, each with different weaponry.

Comanche has a progression system that will give us the opportunity to get all these additional machines, in addition to unlocking skins for these. Before starting to play, in our hangar we can choose which Comanche model to pilot and customize it, just like the drone. The single player mode is affordable with the default helicopter, but for the multiplayer, it will be important to choose the machine with which we operate best.


The game is compatible with keyboard and mouse being this the most recommended control, also with command -in the Steam Controller there were missing important controls to map- and the control by HOTAS is being implemented, although at the moment it does not work. We can also choose from the menu if we want a realistic control or a more arcade one, this being the best option at this stage of development.


Comanche's single player mode will take us on missions in different environments and with different helicopter models. The first will take place in a tropical area following the narrow river bed between canyons and ravines, where we will not only have to control our enemies, but the terrain as well. In this mission we will have to advance in the search for one of our men while we escort the rescue team and clear the area of enemies, be they other helicopters or warships. From time to time we will find that we cannot advance, and we will have to use the drone to enter the enemy facilities and locate the switch that allows us to continue with the helicopter.


Finally, the reason to exist of this Comanche is multiplayer, which although it is still few options. It has potential, although the experience looking for a game has not been entirely satisfactory, possibly due to the small number of users who have the game in this early state of development, although being the game that it is, of illustrious family, if development continues to progress satisfactorily , you have possibilities of creating a community. But as I said, apart from a couple of games at different times where I managed to join other users, the rest of my experience is based on the single player mode, which I enjoyed.

Finally regarding the technical part, we have to admit that Comanche looks frankly good, the feeling of speed is quite successful, but it is evident that it still needs work, especially in the textures, because in the same screenshots that accompany this article we can see As it depends on what mission and mode, the interior textures are well implemented or are seen in a blurred way, also the external view of the helicopter is not yet available, and it is what would improve the control the most-you just have to see the perfect handling of the drone.


Anyway, and due to its early access status, NUKKLEAR has time to improve and implement more content and mechanics that make the game worthy heir to the NovaLogic franchise. For now, we will say that this new Comanche has potential.

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