Fairy Tail, the new video game adaptation of Hiro Mashima's manga.

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Fairy Tail is a turn-based battles JRPG that features story elements known to followers of the Hiro Mashima manga, as well as brand new ones. Developed by GUST Studios, a KOEI TECMO company, here you will be able to manage 16 characters that include people from the Fairy Tail guild and its rivals, receive help from other allies, level them up to improve their abilities, perform secondary tasks and, above all, restoring the guild, among many other activities that we will detail later.

His story takes place roughly in the middle of the anime season, where the Fairy Tail guild is about to disappear after the mysterious absence of Natsu's team from the city of Magnolia. The guild's prestige has been plummeting over the years since they left and it is drowning in debt. Luckily, Natsu and her companions have returned after seven years and are ready to restore the guild to its former glory, join the Great Magic Games and compete to be the best.

This includes some chapters of the arcs of Tenrou Island, the Great Magical Games and the Tatars, as well as completely new ones and those focused on the different characters that we handle throughout the adventure, which unlock unique scenes for the game. In general, and like in the manga or anime, it is entertaining and its characters are quite charismatic, although the new parts are not as successful as the rest and the narrative could be better. It is more intended for fans to skip many details of the plot and start with somewhat confusing scenes for those who do not know it. The texts reach us only in English and French, which makes it difficult for certain players to access a title that requires a good knowledge of the language to follow it, but not to advance.


Its mechanics follow the style set by other productions in the studio, being able to handle a character from a third-person perspective to move around his world, talk to other characters, collect materials, discover secrets, progress through history traveling to the areas marked with their respective symbol or accept missions that help us get more money, experience and move up the ranking. Battles, as always, begin by coming into contact with enemies and creatures, obtaining a small advantage if we hit them and the opposite happens if they catch us.


The battles take place in turns and, when the time comes, up to five characters can participate in our group. These, like the enemies, act first according to their speed and the order is always shown on the screen to be able to propose strategies. Here we have the commands to defend ourselves, use objects, escape, attack in exchange for 1 MP or use magic that spends more or less MP depending on its power or usefulness. What we liked the most is that the enemies are placed in different squares that force us to use tactics to try to reach as many as possible according to the type of attack, also having elementary advantages or disadvantages that we must take advantage of.

You have to be very careful with the MPs, since if they are spent in the middle of the combat they can leave us sold. There are methods to recover them, such as resting, using objects, certain magic or collecting Ethernano Particles of different types when defeating enemies, being the management of this element very important.


But of course, there are also other more advanced movements, such as a Fairy Meter that fills up little by little when performing attacks and magic. This allows you to activate the Magic Chain when it is full to unleash a chain attack in which our protagonists unleash all their power and can launch a powerful final attack capable of causing devastating damage. On the other hand we have the Awakening, which enhances the powers and characteristics of the character in question in exchange for not being able to restore its statistics, the Extreme Rescue Magic, which is automatically activated on certain occasions when the group is in trouble, the Extreme Magic Final, capable of causing great damage if activated in a magic chain, and other more advanced movements that we prefer you to discover for yourself.


Its graphic section is very disparate. On the one hand, we have good models and animations for the main characters within the combats, as well as achieved effects. On the other hand, there are too simple scenarios divided by zones, with flat textures, popping or saw teeth that make the result ugly, as well as secondary characters that are repeated to the end. Although the company's effort is noted, it is very far from other references of the genre in this generation, even finding some quite annoying slowdowns when walking through their world. At least it has some colorful scenes that give it more spectacular and good designs that sometimes hide certain elements a bit.

This is something that does not happen in the sound, finding melodies very faithful to what was seen in the anime that set the exploration and battles well, worked effects and voices in Japanese that have the original doublers, so we have no complaints in this sense. The texts, as we have already commented, come to us only in English and French.


In short, Fairy Tail is a product designed for fans of the work of Hiro Mashima, where you will find its most representative characters, known elements of its history and all the spectacularity of its combats. Unfortunately, it is not a product as round as we would have liked, finding an improved narration, missions that could be much more worked and a technical section far from other references. At least it is appreciated that there is much to do, thus ensuring tons of hours of game.

A product very similar to that seen in other GUST productions that fans of the franchise will appreciate and that, within its limitations, knows how to entertain at all times.

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