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COD: Modern Warfare recently released a new update that I leave it to you in this post of-duty-warzone-with-a-new-patch with multiple new features for both its multiplayer and the popular Warzone. Now, to commemorate the round of news from Activision they have wanted to make the following promotion official: a series of rewards for doing something as simple as watching Twitch.

Modern Warfare and Warzone rewards for watching Twitch

Thus, the rewards that the developer has prepared are the following - it will be necessary to access Twitch channels with the reward promotion active -:

  • One Hour Stream: 'Smoke Up' Sticker
  • Two hours of stream: One coin for one hour of double experience
  • Three hours of streaming: The 'Big Bang' card
  • Four Hours of Streaming: The 'Blast Check' Weapon Accessory


On the other hand, I will highlight that the Modern Warfare and Warzone promotion will remain active from August 12 -today- until August 19. For those interested in knowing how they can link their Call of Duty account to Twitch and get the rewards, we leave you with the following steps from Activision itself:

How to link your Call of Duty account to your Twitch account

  1. Create a Call of Duty account from this link.
  2. Link your Call of Duty account to Twitch from here. In case you already have the Twitch account linked, you may need to redirect it. To do so visit this address.
  3. Now you can go to Twitch and visit streams with the 'drop eligible' option that allow you to get the specified rewards.

I hope you take advantage of it gentlemen

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