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Mortal Kombat 11 became one of the highest-selling installments in the entire franchise. And it is not for less, the game is loaded with a lot of content, klassic characters returned and a competitive league that is still in force.

When the future of the game was announced, no one expected that NetherRealm Studios would release a new story mode that would continue the events of the main campaign. In addition to that, three new characters arrived: Fujin, Sheeva and Robocop.

But that was not all. NetherRealm Studios also prepared a new update where the much requested friendships and Stage Fatalities returned.

Many were happy with the announcement of all this content. However, the great controversy came when the price of this expansion was revealed: 40$.


Aftermath's story places us as soon as Liu Kang defeats Krónika, the main antagonist of this installment. Having acquired new powers and become the God of Thunder and Fire, his plans to re-create the world are cut short by the unexpected arrival of Shang Tsung.

The warlock arrived with Fujin and Nightwolf with a clear message for Liu Kang: "Stop or you will condemn us all." According to Shang Tsung, by destroying Krónika and his crown it would be impossible to rebuild the world, so it will be necessary to travel to the past to recover the crown.


Raiden, who is no longer the God of Thunder, is incredulous at the sorcerer's proposal and asks to ignore him. In an exchange of words and reflections, Liu Kang decides to trust Shang Tsung but signaling Fujin and Nightwolf to be vigilant in whatever he does.

Thus, the three new protagonists will travel to the past and look for a way to recover the crown of Krónika without altering the history. Obviously things will not go as they want.


As we are used to, NetherRealm Studios strengthens its history with very good action-packed cinematics where hand-to-hand combat and spells are served. Truly feel the love that Ed Boon and his team have given to the protagonists to give them their due time to stand out on screen.

Of course, who gets all the applause is Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa. The actor who was already known for playing Shang Tsung in the first Mortal Kombat movie and was called back for the game, gives the warlock a very good personality. Tagawa knows when to give Shang Tsung a relaxed, sarcastic tone. It is very difficult to see the character angry because he always wants to be one step ahead of everyone.


In that sense, the three protagonists (Fujin, Nightwolf and Shang Tsung) have a lot of chemistry in the cinematics. Not everything will be to distribute blows, there will be moments where he even jokes with the idea of how long it takes for Shang Tsung to do his thing.

As was the case with the original campaign. The chapters are divided between the protagonists with the addition of being able to play with other characters such as Sindel or Sheeva.

The fights between each cinematic have not been bad either. Of course, I have felt that the vast majority of the combats have been simple including the final boss. As I said above, cinematics have a great weight here.

How long is Aftermath? Approximately 2 and a half hours. Much less than the original campaign. In fact, this expansion feels like they've wanted to give a much more decent ending to the main story. Anyway, it is a narrative that is to sit down, turn off the brain and enjoy everything you will see. Whoever seeks depth in history, will have reached the wrong game.


Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath is a very strange case. It is not in any way a bad expansion but I am surprised by the movement that Warner Bros. has made in relation to the DLC characters of not selling them separately. Something that is not characteristic of the series.

Story mode is greatly strengthened by the performance of Mr. Tagawa. I really hope they keep calling you for future installments. On the end, there are some things to discuss but it is clear that they prepare the way for a new installment.

Aftermath is by no means the latest content coming to Mortal Kombat 11 but I wonder what they will do to include more characters. A new Kombat Pack? Maybe, but they should study putting more things in addition to the characters.

If you really are very interested in a funny story and you like the characters they have included as an incentive, then this expansion is for you.

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