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Ironward and Nkidu Games Inc bring us The Red Solstice to our computers, a real-time strategy game that takes place in a dystopian future where humanity, trying to find another place to live, heads to Mars, a planet that does not receive them Nothing goes well and all communication with the colonies is lost, we must discover what has happened and rescue the survivors. The main story has 10 levels that are between 50 and 70 minutes each, depending on your ability. A story that you will enjoy only in English, remember that fact.

The first two missions in The Red Solstice will introduce us to character management, abilities, completing primary and secondary objectives, strategic positions, and much more. Well rather only the first because once the fourth part of the second mission is completed the game warns you that from there you are on your own, thus disappearing the indicators of nearby objects, the markers of nearby objectives and practically any visual aid that there in the HUD. It is time to explore and not die trying.


The Red Solstice is a dark and dangerous game, the enemies lurk around every corner and many times they don't even wait for you to cross it, instead they jump on you from all directions. The game forces you to keep up, without accelerating but without slowing down either, if you divide the team to collect objects, stragglers will be brutally attacked, if you get to the closet with objects you surely no longer have space in that character and even if you manage to make a good defense and collect what was so bright on the ground you should remember one thing: surely one of your team is very close to running out of ammunition.


Entering the graphics section, The Red Solstice approves on a good note, good graphics but without excesses to avoid crashes on the PC due to the large number of enemies. As for the visual aspect, the spaces are very well designed, the effects, animations, etc. they are quite good and generate a great spatial atmosphere with their moments of solitude, of cold and dead spaces as well as dangerous, bloody and deadly.


The gameplay is very good, both the characters, the abilities, the enemies, the weapons, etc. They work perfectly and the difficulty curve is not abrupt or very steep, so we will get through the situation little by little without much trouble with a little practice at first. The exp module search system makes us go through the maps exploring in search of the desired experience in order to activate new skills or improve current ones. The good thing is that we can adjust the skills also in real time so that the skills can be adjusted with respect to the situation we are facing at each moment.


The Red Solstice offers us a story mode of 10 levels that we can play to get hold of the controls and once finished jump into the online arena and demonstrate what we are really made of. Playing with our class and providing our valuable support to the 8 player team is really exciting as we will have to be vigilant about what the other players are doing, cover them and create attack/defense/support strategies in real time with all of them. Random maps as well as random enemies make each game unique, something new to overcome and above all an extra effort where we will have to prove once again that we know how to adapt to all kinds of situations. It is a very entertaining game that engages very easily and that you are not fooled by the 50 minutes of the missions in the story mode because as soon as you get the taste you will not be able to stop playing.

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