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I could not start writing these lines without carrying out an act of absolute sincerity by saying the following: my relationship with the battle royale genre has been the most ambivalent ever. Mainly, because what unites me to this type of games has gone through all the possible phases up to drawing a specific cycle: from the initial surprise that I was when I discovered the new formulas that the genre proposed, going through a saturation stage by not hearing about something else, until I find a place again within this type of games in which I feel comfortable; something Hyper Scape would have set out to turn upside down.

And I say this with a completely positive connotation; Above all, because the new Ubisoft battle royale has arrived with the intention of completely hustling the idea that I had in my head of what I like and what I don't like about a battle royale. Hyper Scape is precisely a brave act of spinning the genre as many times as necessary to further stretch a chewing gum that seemed to be about to break.

After playing a technical demo of Hyper Scape for a handful of hours, the sensation that stayed in my body is the one that begins to boil in your blood when you get up from the chair wanting to play more than anything that, until then , you didn't know what you needed. Therefore, we invite you to join us along the following lines to discover how Ubisoft would have managed to find a proposal that finds its main virtue in rebellion, in a nonconformist act with which its Montreal studio wants us to see that Not everything has been said about battle royale.

¿Did we need another battle royale?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is that I wasn't aware of the latter until the Hyper Scape technical demo ended. Do not misunderstand me: I am the first to raise his nose in an act of cynicism when he sees that the great novelty of a multinational has to do with a battle royale, yet another for a bag of proposals that seem not to understand that there is nothing surprising in reiterative. However, the muscles of my jaw descended along my face until I reached the point of clenching my teeth as a purely biological reaction to everything that was happening on screen.

Hyper Scape is one of the most intense battle royale I've ever thrown in my face; something that is driven thanks to a futuristic setting that honors what video games are at the end of the day: a space where the creative limits are dictated by the brain of its creators and not the boring formats that are drawn through it reality; Because the real can be exhilarating, but only up to a point.


Same of everything as always

The second element that causes these air combat to be further boosted has to do with the new playable mechanics that Ubisoft has adapted to the genre thanks to Hyper Scape. Because, although it is true that the title uses the classic formula (100 players jump onto the map, it grows smaller as time goes by, looting will be an important part of the experience, among many other etceteras), it is obvious that the attitude of the Montreal division with the game stands out through the following question: what can we do that has not already been done?

Starting with an act of simplification some of the systems of the genre in order to keep a huge coherence with the intensity that the games of Hyper Scape seek to offer. We are talking, specifically, about the fact that the game has sought to provide an inventory system that does not interrupt the fluidity of what happens on the screen, forcing us to go through cumbersome processes of managing everything we carry around. In this way, we will have four total spaces within it: two for different weapons and two for abilities or, as it is known within the game, "Hacks".


Hyper Scape is one of those games that can defend itself thanks to the sensations it transmits to you after playing it and, precisely, part of that goes through the idea that Ubisoft has chosen to fine-tune a series of systems that other games already presented of the genre in order to give a clear and defined identity to the playable experience that it can offer: the games in Hyper Scape are more intense, more arcade, faster and more crazy than in any other game that I have faced. against 99 other players.

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