¿Why did other battle royale fail and Fortnite succeed?

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H1Z1, The Culling 2, Realm Royale, Radical Heights, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds… They are all known for the genre they belong to, battle royale.

But none is as world famous as Fortnite is in its free version. The question I ask myself is: ¿why? ¿What is the reason for the success of the Epic Games game, which does not win in graphics or innovation compared to others in the genre? ¿What is your secret?

Although Epic Games released Fortnite as a multiplayer game focused on the survival genre, it soon realized how successful it could be by following in the footsteps of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. This led to problems with Bluehole, of course. After all, Epic Games are responsible for the Unreal graphics engine we have at PUBG, so comments on the conflict of interest were immediate.

Overcoming the initial controversy, the company pushed ahead with Fortnite Battle Royale, a free game mode that ended up being conceived as a standalone Save the World game. Epic needed something to keep them out of bankruptcy after Paragon's failure. ¿The result? We already know that: nothing could stop them after the arrival of their battle royale.


The figures that Fortnite moves are unmatched, whether in relation to all the money it has generated (and we are not just talking about dollars), as well as the number of players it has on its servers. Thanks to its multiplatform presence (or better, all-platform), the battle royale has surpassed 80 million players, as the company behind the game confessed last August. They are already for 105 million.


In less than a year, it already surpassed titles like PUBG or League of Legends even on live streaming platforms, such as Twitch. It has become the most successful free to play on the market and also the most profitable. Epic Games is currently valued at between 5$ billion and 8$ billion.

As for the game itself, it is expected to close this year 2018 with revenues of over 2 billion dollars. Almost nothing.


¿What has made Fortnite so popular? The fact of being available for consoles, PCs and mobile devices is just one of the reasons that make it one of the most played games. But there are other aspects to consider, starting with the simple fact of being free.

When a title is free to play, it is much easier to fall into temptation. This was precisely the advantage that placed it above PUBG. While the Bluehole one cost money, Fortnite decided to launch its free modality, attracting all those who had not yet got to know the world of battle royale.

The mechanics of the game are quite simple and are aimed at all kinds of audiences. Let's say it is less "technical" than other shooters and battle royale, hence players of all ages want to try it. You don't need to master it to enjoy it, which is a great key to its success.


Beyond our skill level, it is very easy to play Fortnite on any computer. It is not a game that demands too much, being the current game with the lowest system requirements of its genre. At best, all we need is a good Internet connection.

Be careful, let's not fool ourselves. That it requires little does not mean that it contributes little. Fortnite's tickrate is even better than PUBG's, which is noticeable when we shoot or move.


The little details that I found in the game have also made a difference. Beyond the curiosities, the secrets, the hiding places and all that humor with which Epic Games has been keeping Fortnite alive, there is much in the game that makes it different.

Yes, the skins are a great attraction thanks to their great variety, but we also like the diversity of the game. That our character is random, that he can be a man or a woman alike, that his appearance, his skin color varies... they are small details that provide that gender and ethnic equality that every title needs, in addition to making sure that in each game there is still more randomness.

You have to know how to thank things, and Epic has to thank "the influencers". Streamers, youtubers and content creators in general who have fallen from the Fortnite bus and have given us very good moments.

Ninja or Dr Disrespect are two good examples of those "influencers" that keep Fortnite fans entertained. Twitch and Youtube have been filled with videos and direct from professionals and not so professionals trying to achieve a masterful victory. Not everyone succeeds, that must also be said.


It is clear that we can play Fortnite wherever and whenever it is thanks to being cross-platform. What is also clear is that we are not going to play it the same way on all those platforms. If you are also PC players, you have to be careful, because not all teams will help us to be the best players in this battle royale.

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